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external image 2100101787_e68b5a5450_o.jpgGraphic Facilitation

Brief Description

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. - Pablo Picasso

Graphic recording at its core is visually capturing what is happening in a group or presentation. It is part of a large set of visual practices which use images as part of group processes, which includes graphic facilitation, collaborative graphics work, etc. (To learn more, see It can be used as a literal recording or it can be used as a visual element of a specific group and/or facilitation process.



(if applicable)

When to use

  • To capture highlights of a talk, presentation or meeting
  • As a participatory tool engaging others in the creation of shared images either through drawing, collage etc.

How to use

Tips and Lessons Learnt

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Examples & Stories

Who can tell me more?

  • Nancy White (nancyw [at]

  • Graphic Facilitation
  • Technography

Favorite Supplies and Tools


  • water based markers, like Mr. Sketch unscented
  • Tombo brush markers
  • Chalk or soft pastels like Faber-Castell soft pastels or Dick Blick's
  • Black sharpies (thick chisel or thin) for lettering
  • Painters tape to put charts on walls without damaging wall surfaces
  • mat knife to cut large paper
  • Rolls of large paper
  • tissues for smearing chalk
  • pencil and eraser


Graphic Recording/Facilitation Sites



Photo or image credits

Page Authors

  • Nancy White (choconancy)
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