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Role Play

Brief Description (including a definition if possible)

Role plays are very useful techniques to analyze a variety of themes based on concrete, real-life situations. They can be used in conjunction with visualized board work in presenting issues and demonstrating the results of group work.

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When to use

Remarks:These techniques are useful to start discussion on a topic and also to deepen participants' understanding of a topic. They can also be used to conclude a group discussion, synthesizing the results, and presenting it to the plenary. A role play can be backed-up by the visual results of group work, displayed visually and used to reinforce the main points following the discussion.

How to use

1 In choosing a topic, its relationship to the group process and workshop theme should be clear.
2 You do not require a written script or costumes, nor a long preparation time.
3 Talk about the topic, exchange ideas about how each one perceives it, what experiences each one associates with it, and
how is it understood by each person.
4 Structure all the ideas expressed on a pin board and put them in such an order that they can be acted out.
5 Decide who will play each role.
6 Carefully plan your time. A 5 to 10 minute role play is usually sufficient to make a point.
7 A brief rehearsal is also recommended to be sure that everyone can speak loud and clear enough, using gestures and introducing
props to make the situation more real or more humorous and attention grabbing.

(Source:UNICEF manual for trainers and facilitators)

Tips and Lessons Learnt

The evaluation after a role play should concentrate on the attitudes, functions
and ways of thinking which have been represented and not on the acting
abillties of participants. It is very important to underline that it is a

simulation and to avoid personal criticism.

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