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 +====== Achieving Consensus Icebreaker ====== 
 +===== Brief Description ===== 
 +This is an icebreaker where group members have to agree to agree or disagree with one another on a list of somewhat controversial statements. The participants start in small groups but cluster into bigger groups until the whole group is supposed to come to an agreement on agreement or disagreement with the controversial statements.\\ \\  
 +===== When to use ===== 
 +This icebreaker allows participants to start thinking about the issues to be discussed during the workshop while also experiencing such group dynamics as coming to a consensus, voting on decisions, identifying group leaders and shy people, and managing time.\\ \\  
 +===== How to use ===== 
 +The facilitator distributes a list of ten somewhat controversial statements connected with the workshop.\\ Each participant then turns to his or her neighbour and argues with him or her so that both finally agree to agree or disagree with all ten statements.\\ Then the two-person groups join to form four-person groups and all participants of the bigger group have to agree again to agree or disagree. Likewise with 8-person groups, and so on until the whole group of participants gets together to agree to agree or disagree on the ten statements.\\ \\  
 +===== Tips and Lessons Learnt ===== 
 +Make sure the groups don't spend too much time discussing agreement or disagreement. \\ \\  
 +===== Who can tell me more? ===== 
 +\\ \\  
 +===== Photo or image credits =====
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