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 +====== Bingo ======
 +===== Brief Description =====
 + WHAT IS IT?\\  People Bingo! is an energiser involving communication and teamwork. It’s fun, energetic and upbeat, and it creates a \\  tangible result and a great buzz.\\ \\  HOW DOES IT WORK?\\ The individual has to plan and then get signatures of colleagues in agreement with the statement questions.\\ \\ WHAT’S THE POINT?\\ Typically individuals approach this energiser haphazardly,​ they then begin to realise that they could use a plan and a strategy to succeed. They need to consider how innovative or traditional they want to be in their approach to the task, and they have to be very aware of time limits.\\ \\  If reviewed, individuals may recognise a number of ways they can improve the way they work together. This may include planning, communication,​ innovation, creativity etc.\\ \\  HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE?\\ As facilitator,​ you will need around 5 minutes to set up the room.\\ The activity will take around 15-20 minutes to run, including the de-brief session.\\ ​
 +===== History =====
 + This Individual energiser has its origins in innovation and creativity, probably originating from a party game.\\ Participants can have some fun together, whilst learning about how they perform independently and collectively through this activity.\\ ​ This can enable them to approach the task in a highly creative way if they choose and not be boxed in by traditional methods.\\ \\ 
 +===== When to use =====
 + This is a high energy, fun and upbeat activity that most teams at any level will enjoy taking part in.\\  It’s ideal for new teams, as well as established teams at the start of a meeting.\\ ​ Also it is ideal as an event or conference energiser\\ \\  IDEAL GROUP SIZE\\ ​ Group size from 4 to 204 inclusive – should be run as a competition between individuals or teams.\\ \\  BENEFITS/​OUTCOMES\\ Fun/​enjoyable conference start\\ Increased clarity of communication within team\\ Improvement in thinking creatively\\ Creating innovative plans and strategies\\ Instant barrier break down between individuals\\ Meeting new team members\\ \\  SPACE TO RUN IT – YOU WILL NEED:-\\ An indoor space free for the Individuals/​team(s) to work in\\ 
 +===== How to use =====
 + TO SET UP THE CHALLENGE:​\\ ​ Create a space indoors to work in.\\ Hand out answer cards to individuals (make sure they have pens)\\ \\  Facilitators Risk assessment\\ ​
 +  * Environmental:​
 +Since the activity is likely to take place inside there are minimal environmental risks.\\ ​ However please check tables for sharp edges, and check that the space is clear.\\ ​ Be sure to locate the activity away from obstacles that might cause injury.\\ ​
 +  * Personal:
 +Individuals need to take care when time is short.\\ Remind the group to be aware of slipping, tripping, and bumping into each other.\\ \\  Facilitators Time line:-\\ 5 minutes preparation time to set up the room\\ ​ 5 minutes to introduce the activity using slide provided\\ 15-20 minutes to complete energiser\\ 5 minutes to review the activity if appropriate\\ \\  How to run the challenge - facilitator guidelines\\ • Set up space in room\\ • Brief the team using the slide provided.\\ • Observe them as they work, and be ready to offer appropriate feedback in the review if required.\\ ​ • Award prize to quickest completing individual and have fun checking through their signatures. (proof of ability etc)\\ • In our main challenges you would finally, and if appropriate,​ use the action plan and evaluation forms to complete the session\\ \\  Your Task:​\\ ​ The task is to search and find an individual in the group that can honestly complete the statements on the someone who sheet.\\ Please read the rules before starting.\\ \\  The Rules\\ \\  • The individual must sign their name against the statement that applies to them on the answer card.\\ ​ • Each statement must be signed by only one person \\  • Each statement must be signed by a different individual\\ • You may sign your own sheet once\\ \\  Once your answer card is full shout BINGO! And your facilitator will check answers and award prize.\\ \\  (N.B. some signatures will be asked for proof)\\ ​ See examples in the resources: \\ http://​​People_Bingo.pdf\\ \\ 
 +===== Tips and Lessons Learnt =====
 +\\  When the team have completed and you have checked the winning individuals signatures plus awarded them a prize if appropriate\\ ​ you can spend 5 minutes reviewing the process they used.\\ ​ What is most likely to appear is a conversation around individual/​team processes including, strategy, creativity, planning,​communication,​ innovation.\\ ​ This conversation may or may not need facilitation\\ ​
 +===== Examples & Stories =====
 + (add your story)\\ \\ 
 +===== Who can tell me more? =====
 + ​Sophie Treinen : sophie dot treinen at fao dot org\\ \\ 
 +===== Related Methods / Tools / Practices =====
 +\\ \\ 
 +===== Resources =====
 +http://​​People_Bingo.pdf\\ http://​​IMG/​pdf/​Le_bingo_humain.pdf\\ http://​​IMG/​pdf/​Human_Bingo_English.pdf\\ ​
 +=====   =====
 +===== Tags =====
 + get to know; energizer; team building\\ ​
 +===== Photo or image credits =====
 + If you included any photos or images, please put the source or photo credit here\\ \\ 
 +===== Page Authors =====
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