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**{{::logoworldfish.jpg?nolink&92}}Guide Script**

Before the film crew can create a tentative script for your approval, you must provide them with:

  • story5.jpgInformation about the NGO to brief them on the nature of your work. Things you may want to include are annual reports, past publications, the organization’s philosophy and goals
  • Background information on the project selected
  • What aspects you would like to draw the most focus to

Once the script has been approved, it can be sent to the facilitator and expert to give them an outline of what you plan on filming.
It is important to note that the guide script is subject to change depending on weather, new developments and interviews, but the main message should stay consistent.

The guide scripts itself must include:

  • What will be said during which shots
  • What the shots will be of
  • Sounds/music
  • Interviews and captions
  • Time of video
  • Organizations logo in the last frame with a website for further information

A video is not a report; it must connect with people, be relatable and entice the audience to keep watching. When planning your script keep in mind that you want to use one crucial example and the most captivating issues that surround it. Include the most dynamic and knowledgeable staff and the most visually compelling settings.


  • Investors – 2 minute maximum
  • TV purposes – 60 sec or 90 sec; the shorter it is, the more likely it is to be picked up Also, a 90 second storymercial translates into approximately 30 MB which is the maximum space on a CD

The staff at the organization will have a more active interest in seeing how various projects are being carried out. You may want to create a longer video that has further detail for that purpose.
More than one media outlet may be interested in showing your film. It’s best to contact them beforehand and find out what time slots they have available to air your storymercial.
This information should be relayed to the film makers so they can produce extended or shortened versions of the documentary.

Here is the guide script for the Banda Aceh video

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