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Guide Script - Banda Aceh, Indonesia.


Archive sequence 2004 tsunami
GFX: Aceh, Indonesia, 2004
When disaster strikes…
Sequence of rebuilding efforts, refugee camps, aid arriving
Aid can help alleviate the immediate problems of the present…
Sequence of fishermen in Aceh, marketplace, family eating
But to build a better future…
Sequence in Aceh community
We have to learn from the mistakes of the past.
Interview Worldfish spokesperson
The response to natural disasters has too often been limited to physical reconstruction. What we have to do is rebuild livelihoods and allow beneficiaries to drive their self-recovery and increase resilience (preparing for future stresses – natural, economic, political).
Sequence of traditional fishing
Fishing has been the traditional livelihood of the coastal communities in Aceh. But even before the tsunami this was a livelihood in danger
Interview Worldfish spokesperson with images of large boats
A lot of aid arrived in the shape of larger boats and that can makes things worse as they simply help to further reduce over exploited fish stocks.
Sequence of fishermen discussing
Long lasting rehabilitation requires understanding and listening to what communities want…
Interview fisherman
We want a better future, we were poor in the past, and now from nothing we want something different.
Sequence of government officials and other NGOs (critical to the process)
It requires dialogue with all the actors involved in the search for answers…
Interview government official
We need to bring all efforts together so we work towards a common goal.
Sequence of Worldfish spokesperson in the field and shots of response plan
It requires sharing information with others who have been through the same
Interview Worldfish spokesperson
We have brought together the experience of the Solomon Islands, of Indonesia, of disaster sites across the world to create a response plan that truly addresses the root causes of vulnerability to help build a sensible future.
Sequence of smiling faces in Aceh
It requires a commitment from all to turn disaster into opportunity
GFX: The Worldfish Center (logo)

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