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**Introduction to making a Storymercial**

story4.jpgPeople Involved

  1. Video Crew
  2. Technical expert –person who is conducting the research and is most knowledgeable about the complexities of the project.
  3. Facilitator – translator and person helping with the logistics of the shoot.
  4. Communities –must have permission from the community before you commence filming.

Staff members involved in the project will have their work exposed on a very broad level and therefore it is necessary to ensure they will commit their time to the filming process.

It costs roughly $5000- $15000 to make a video. The cost can be reduced if you provide the video makers with a long enough lead time to coordinate the video. This would give them time to prepare and allows them to organize videoing other projects in the same area. Using a professional video producer maximizes the chance that the film will be picked up by CNN, BBC or incorporated into a documentary for TV. But there is also value to “home made” films that carry authentic voices.

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