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**Is your project newsworthy?**

story2.jpgYour project must have both a compelling storyline and strong content. These two factors will determine whether it can successfully capture the attention of your audience. It must be concise, sharp and easy to understand. It is essential to address each question below to verify if you should invest in creating a video.

  • Is it happening now?
  • Is it a new discovery?
  • Does it affect people’s lives?
  • Does if affect places or issues people care about?
  • Does it involve conflict?
  • Is it unusual?
  • Does it relate to something else in the news?
  • Is it connected to something or someone important?
  • Is it linked to an anniversary?
  • Does it touch people’s emotions?

“Is it Newsworthy” cited from
A chief principle to observe is, “less is more.” You want to immediately enthral your audience, take them on a journey and leave them with a lasting impression. Using one example instead of five will keep the video from being monotonous and boring. Show critical aspects of your project that are most visually pleasing and convey the overall philosophy of your organization.

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