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**Post-Production** - **Banda Aceh, Indonesia**


Archive sequence 2004 tsunami and montage GV`s Aceh
GFX: December 2004
Aceh, Indonesia
Clapping dancers
TITLE: A fish for life
Rehabilitating lives after natural disasters
Local song
Local community chief
We were having coffee when suddenly the ocean receded 3 kms and I told everyone to run…
Sequence of aftermath tsunami
When disaster strikes…
Local community chief
When the great waves came everything was lost.
Sequence of rebuilding efforts, refugee camps, aid arriving
Aid can help alleviate the immediate problems of the present…
Sequence of fishermen in Aceh and dancers
But to build a better future…we have to learn from the mistakes of the past
Interview Worldfish spokesperson
Before the tsunami fish stocks in Aceh had been overexploited, there was not enough fish to sustain these communities
Sequence of Worldfish sponsored activities, dancers for rhythm and quick shots showing wide ranging variety of projects
GFX: Crab harvesting, lobster farming, technical advice, mangrove rehabilitation, aquaculture
From new crab harvesting techniques to research into lobster farming, rehabilitating lives involves making the most of all the communities potential resources.
The key is sustainability and to achieve this aid projects have to look at the long term needs of the community
Interview Worldfish spokesperson
We are trying to introduce diversification to reduce dependency on one resource so that the communities can have an alternative if something were to happen again.
Sequence of fishermen at work and intro shots to fisherman about to speak.
This provides security and allows the community to become the decision maker that will guarantee the future of the project.
Interview fisherman
I learnt from this project and now I have my own fish cage to sell fish to others.
Sequence of content fisherman
What communities want are partners that will listen to their needs.
Interview community leader
Worldfish has supported our community, they gave us the tools to recover and now its up to us to work hard and build a better future.
Sequence of dancers to end.

GFX: The Worldfish Center (logo)

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