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story7.jpgA schedule that allocates time for videoing is often made after arriving at the project site. New developments can be addressed and the facilitator can assist in preparing timelines for shots. For example, in Banda Aceh, the video makers wanted to shoot overnight fishing so the video crew, facilitator and expert had to be at the water by 5pm to see them go out and then again at 6am the next morning to video them returning. Please be aware that the schedule is subject to change depending on weather.

Things to note when filming

  • Concentrate on the storyline; it is what draws the audience to watch
  • You will need time for discussion with ground people and interviewees
  • Allocate time to work out the logistics of shoot in case there are changes
  • When interviewing, have the facilitator give a general summary of what is said. An exact translation can be done later and this will assist the film makers when editing
  • If a still camera is available, use it to take pictures that can be used in the video and for press. Also take “behind the scene” photographs for internal use


To have an effective video, consider including these components:

  • cultural dance/music performance (to give a cultural context)
  • general views of region, e.g. landscapes and villages

These shots help to put video in context, establish a cultural element and give it style.

You may also want to include:

  • city/town panoramas
  • busy streets
  • marketplaces
  • religious buildings

REMEMBER: It is best to have a list of the places you would like to video so you can work them into your schedule. General views and place shots can take time so plan for this. If there are any new developments with stories or characters, don’t forget to write them into your original script. Lastly, keep a detailed record of names and relevant information for the final script.


  • Use few characters and spend more time with those interviewed. This gives the audience a focused perspective and allows them to follow the storyline
  • People selected should charisma
  • It is best to have a lot of diversity, e.g. male and female, young and old etc.

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