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Building website

Cris, Andrea, Florence, Leila, Claudia, Pete, Humphrey,

**Opening question/s**

**Key discussion points**

Old tech vr new tech
Users: f2f meeting with them, asking them what do they need
CMS: things can be comnbine: speak, increase the visibility, intranet, external and internal sides

Identify what cms what is going on. Joomla can be obsolet
Critical or fundamental needs and needs that can be satisfied in a second phase
Information available for everybody
Criterias to choose tec: price, dependency o fan IT person or company
Friendly user
Open source
Ordinary person can update the website
Document the process so it feeds institutional memory

Call for proposals
Long term commitment
A Project with phases
Server: contract: it needs to have high capacity to stream videos, podcast, and so on. Be carefull to have access to the server by our selfs
All these problems make delates the process and makes that to have a new website a long process
Training done by online (skype)
Launch: Google is a powerful tool to market a website
There is no harmonize to do CMS, management content inside CGIAR system, some things worked for several centers, within them
CMS: DRUPAL: Open source: multiple languages, they say there are a lot of people using it. Another criteria is how many people can develop this …. What do I need to do and what CMS can satisfy these needs.
The administration of content quality
Web editor, is a profession to guide what is more interesting to be posted where and make it attractive to people
As administration person (6 months of reseach to make decision) needs to know what does she wants and be able to answer this with question
People do not want to remember many passwords and usernames

Assessment of needs: very good starting point
Wordpress: another useful tool
Make a group of people who care about this project and share their learning process. It is growing
Show to the people involved in assessment need process the draft of what they have built asked for. Also it is important to identify criterias that we want people evaluate it

Also, it is important to identify criterias to evaluate the website after a year of work
It’s the CMS that you chosed will be alive next year? Will it satisfy your needs?

New website is a project that needs to define phases, actors involved in thse phases, budged needed to support this project

In CMS all cn be changed but maybe it needs to be decided what is going to change when

There are CMS for learning like Blackboard and Moodle

Data base that make information available, retriable fro people, it wold be good to have it in an intranet as a way to know what people are doing where.

Example: Travel

Follow up
Attached: report, pictures, etc.

What about annual reports, performance reports???

CMS that really manage and retrieve information

Website like a interface to find information

CMS that is cheap, easy and fast

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