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Title: Delicious


**Opening question/s**

What is it, and how does it work?

**Key discussion points**

some advantages:
- can view all book marks when traveling, in internet points, another computer etc
- share bookmarks with others and get their bookmarks - can tag it and send to others you think are interested

Some bookmarks can be kept private and others can be shared.

Logins are for those who add sites. Those who just want to view can just go to the site and view - it's public.
You can feed other tags into your site. There are communities that can feed in.

You can do an export of your original browser list of bookmarks into the delicious page and vice versa.

Go to the support part of the page to the FAQs section for more info on how things can work.
Watched the video about delicious - this link and more information is also available on the KS toolkit.

Note: Common has other films, RSS, Twitter etc.
RSS in plain english etc etc.

Other features of delicious:

Network functions.
Add to network function means that you can go and keep a track of people you wish to follow their recent tags.
You basically become a fan of them and share their tagging.

Private links:
You can keep some only for yourself.

If you type “for:username” it will go to that persons inbox that someone has recommended a link to that person

think about the tags in advance because it can get out of hand.
Or, you can use some of the tools to manage the tags.

Manage tag bundles - you can create a bundle and then group some of the tags as sub tags. You can also manage, edit and update the tags as you go along.

Thing to remember about tagging in delicious; if you type a space bar, it is treated as a separate tag. So Knowledge Sharing needs to be Knowledgesharing or knowledge_sharing.

You can create buttons on your browser that help you to add sites to your account.

Euforic - they use delicious as their CMS. All the content is fed through delicious.

Peter had a conference, they set up a delicious site for the conference, and a tag. Anyone who wanted to suggest a text for the conference they used this tag and so the suggested content fed into one place.

Many people have their own sites with recommended resources and links pages. But this can be fed via delicious account.

Delicious feeds into your site - go to settings and choose linkroll, and then you copy and paste into the web programming. You can choose some or all tagged sites. This could be then fed into your website. (But this won't be indexed as content on my site for a search engine. So its a cost benefit analysis as to which you prefer to have.)

Note: bundled tags don't have the same functionality as normal tags on delicious.

There are other social bookmarking sites that can be used. There is a more academic one. Connotea. Citeulike.
delicious is more IT and KM people. If you are working with a more academic audience then the ones mentioned above would be more relevant perhaps.

**Additional info needed/follow-up questions**

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