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The 6 Questions

Brief Description (including a definition if possible)
The six questions is a method of asking questions for analysis. It has been used for many years by individuals in different fields, most notably by police investigators and journalists. It is often also known as 5 Ws and 1 H or ‘six serving men’.
In the context of experience capitalization, it is useful for both the analytical phase, but also to ensure that communication created during the Share phase have all useful information to convey the appropriate message.
The questions asked are:

  1. Who? (Who were the actors involved?)
  2. What? (What happened? What things were involved? What ideas?)
  3. When? (When did the events occur?)
  4. Where? (What geographical location?)
  5. Why? (The causes, reasons, results, conditions)
  6. How? (How did something happen?)

How to use
This method can be used in a number of ways, both by individuals and within groups.

For example:

  • An interviewer can ask the questions when gathering inputs from stakeholders.
  • Teams can use the questions to brainstorm reasons during a workshop.
  • Individuals can brainstorm their own feelings about a situation prior to engaging in a workshop or group session.

Resources (add your resources)

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